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Chapter 16

PSY393 Chapter 16 reading

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Christine Burton

cHn_\6 r t ed C-CIgrritiu J"Jf'sft-dc{- .(?evrdali Grnrtrtt\eeS tno*-rfu*ift.) eti5prel*{s:th{, breapdc{d'.\ op $rn is n6t r{*nn"crd t" ov\e cogn\t\\Ag doAc,.,rf nnrd,tipte nltive bftfe$ erre s.'Yrn ^!,ouh\a_{aer'J , aog a ulta " Ctose/ \Ca,vl, in-tu/Lfl kteq d furfcfr-d"$ crrnl-b, i-1) coflt4e* w / avtsfl^'lnz obj e& *t. no obiect- V McetrfZe,b?-n- dece&,r6ay"^ ilfutl r Ctos.*l her-d \jun3 r€J UfCS Sifvr 6 q^reJ 'rvnrt r"{z\ otr-uer.*irort ol ba hL44 foU h a AcaJerqn'oo " ThA jiJi)rtst4 *CArs rurr/!6r?J reJlllh\.Ul& a d,lfuX-ol dama.!e-, r^,hich rr ^or obs€nr€J @ An tvoa + i4i,^lg- h.rk sr.atilJ aca.tE aunV(fcbtLy InjtUtg , {-ocrl darrtaf, * ftrit in,ut 4 ffecB 4ftf,4 t4rn4X t-nl.y , ,tigi16ap E alf/.trr.5< is tYM'bnu-,el brrr 54aapt"e1div\IcU7t atr:rrtr'o.n iletA,\rq&t i e ",t-ca C{lnCtts!irsr.t tr4ilA head ;\ju)j, loss .O 66re(cioq-ly1c5s !a"rt no 5i9n( o( ruunty12.1 4* q e\n^{iL-oft3: ctf{1Q'a*rDE!, iyr 6o3nis}a (a(v1'Oa, cotnmttAitr'rt $u4\ ( ai"aVr.a$(, bluvrtr/ V..sf\n ,f={WLLg €fL"), Dortrnb'c {/y}Lpt\}rvt4 / h(.LctrarLlt, c.notbfld, Atltt*6"ss4 p{brc{,t-c, ftrttpe"ute.[)- tf os bfs o I cr:9.r,rl-rrW&nd, SoivllAWt> clLaqalrYej 4 fle,S6,{}q&rry cAaW + r.td : r-efa'n^ j\dgenAf I Can t4l.e caa ( I^W e|+ 6qy f s1 c{€l1cd\ ".ta-v(d . I Mu A(raL€ prr-scxr-1.,/tf lrr€ arana bt6 ca/1 [ug"f fb fqrrt "Ff tf"{ stave " Se-v-,rv*q.igtf** { pfnv:*c{,r"{}"f*Crgaf " f-*^{"."r? Pvl2SrLbte& + :||rr a{t4et ftztfv;mpa:l oM€h o$ Ur< dr'Secrie bet ne 6S br-s d^pyieg. ' ? {qtf mrl,I-efA ?*-e,v?rs-r1,&nbQf 4 // /t a\q' d: .rftS Sft^.JdeA,Lt\tO u+fftr 4ftn avr'txtLE en! < l4fa v?anefis s .anY/[email protected]ale, IaL/ sn ott't "t^r Rib K 8-.ff"A Wtt*'ovat z fs d/ Frno,va, pafitz't, D.aybLt, f4t ^/ Frorfb- Ua"{,6rV1. v,^,r< t E&\fwal Udn/t//y - &nrafia- Fr4t-..-{ - 1-J'€ qrra|or l.rr< oC C&re--r4s-$l& Jo we f'urla-I toa'q $'r
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