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RLG101H5 Chapter Notes -Pronoun

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Lisa Trentin

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In Nye’s text, Nye includes a theory proposed by Derrida on words and reality. Derrida claims
that words shape the world or reality that we live in , and also that words have different
meanings depending on how it’s spoken or written and in what context it is used in. This theory
is reflected in the video ‘Rabbit Seasoning – Pronoun problem’ . In the video, the duck tries to
convince the hunter to shoot the rabbit but always ends up being the one shot because of the way
the rabbit manipulates words and changes it to confuse the duck. The rabbit uses pronouns such
as the word ‘you’ instead of ‘me’ to trick the duck into being shot. This video reflects the theory
because Derrida proposes that all texts are a play of words and meanings. Changing words and
its meanings can result in re-shaping reality, and in this case , when the rabbit changes a word in
a phrase, it then changes the reality of the situation which is the duck being shot instead of the
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