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Kenneth Derry

Chapter 3: Power • Desmond Tutu: if someone suggests there is no connection between religion and politics, they must be reading a different Bible to his own • Religion are bound up with system of power Karl Marx: religion as ideology: • Relationship between social division and the material world • contemporary society was determined by economic relations: o based on profound inequalities between those who controlled economic resources and those who didn’t o access to the means pf production: control over others o this overall system: mode of production/capitalist • two main classes:working and ruling • if no religion = working class would see their exploitation clearly— religion does dirty work of keeping oppressed content with their oppression • idea of religion as ideology also gives rather simplistic view of social difference, one that has also been continually discussed by later commenters on Marx’s writings • Theory suggests but doesn’t explain: question whether such ideology is produced deliberately or now • do groups in power create religions as ideologues to legitimate their power over others, or is it simply inevitable that religious practices will work in this way? Antonio Gramsci o concept of hegemony: hegemonyà referring to complex means by which those are ruled over come to accept and feel they have a stake in the powers that are exploiting and controlling them o Hegemony: not only working between religious organizations but also within organization as particular groups attempt to become dominant by asserting their position o Hegemony: way of analyzing the struggles of religion and ideology within cultural and political context o Hegemony can also become means by which those who are controlled become content with relations of inequality Althusser and ideological apparatus: • Two particular aspects of ideology: o 1) how ruling order is imposed o 2) how such ideology works at the level of the indi
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