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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Summary - The Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Civilization

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Rachel Urowitz

Chapter 2 The Bible and Ancient Near Eastern CivilizationPages 913The Bible reflects various aspects of Mesopotamian culturePhysical structure of the universe outlined in Genesis parallels what is found in Near Eastern literature The God of Israel is conceived anthropomorphicallyIsraelites accepted magical proceduresIsraelites recognized the power of blessings and cursesIsraelites believed that Gods will can be known through dreams dice and oraclesHoly men kinds and priests were reveredPreoccupation with ritual uncleanliness purity and priestly ritesStrong parallels between Hebrew Bible and literature of the ancient Near EastGenesis borrows details from Epic of Gilgamesh with legend of the floodBiblical law bears resemblance to ancient legal codesAssyrian treaties between a king and his vassalsCovenental relationship between God and Israel Israelite monotheism transformed mythological featuresThemes retained in the Bible are only briefly mentionedSuch as marriage of divine beings with womenBiblical heroes not worshippedUnderworld not a
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