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Kyle Smith

The final exam questions are coming from the blog. Lecture 1 – Chapter 1 All gospels are written with a particular agenda in mind, particular audience.  Roman Empire – colonizers. Political tension. Part 1 : The historical period before Jesus was born. Part 2: The Era in which Jesus grew up. Emphasising the Roman Empire.  Alexandria  Trade goods – Egypt, Nile, Australia, North Africa etc.  All roads lead to Rome. Incredible road builders, they built the roads to last.  Extremely sophisticated postal system.  Roman centurion. Getting your troops very quickly.  The quality of life wasn’t great. People didn’t expect to live past 30. Most of the kids didn’t survive until 10. It is not an even scale between have and have not-s.  The Herod’s Temple. It was destroyed in the 70. When the Roman’s following the revolt destroyed the Temple. Dome of the Rock – The Rock that supposedly Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Isaac. The prophet’s Mohammed journey in Heaven. “God has no companion. Allah has no child”.  Arch of Titus –Rome. To celebrate the victory. To show the victory to other people after .  Nazareth seen from the excavations of Sepphoris. –pottery work Coins Mona Lisa of Galilee Sephora – beauty.  Jerusalem. -The political environment was tense. The city was crowded. Sacrificing animal at the Temple. You could not buy animals for sacrifice with Roman money. Roman money was impure. Jesus being a Jew.  Gospel = good news; message. The gospel writers – evangelists. People had certain expectations when reading them. Different audiences – different expectatio
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