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Textbook Notes 3 Schimmel January 182011 Topic Holy QuranWeek 3 Holy Quran The Quran and its teachingsThe Quran is the foundation of Islam muslims consider it inconceivable to translate in any other languageWhat is it that deeply moves the muslim when reciting form the Quran o Quran is in tune with its content and goal grand awesomeText of Quran o text is not chronologicalchapters arranged in descending length where short revelationsoften threats about DofJ at end of Quran o Introduction Al Fatiha the opening o Sura 112 prefession of Gods unity followed by protection from evil in various formsHow to recite o Recite Quran as beautifully as possible with good pronounciation o Haifz knows it be heart and highly respected5 Main religious duties of believers Pillars of IslamFirst OneShahada I testify that there is no God except Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of GodProphet Muhammadthe perfect manalinsan alkamil Second OnePrayer will be discussed in later chaptersThird OneZakat alms taxincome should be used according to sura 960 for poor needy tax collectorA protective measure against both capitalism and communism taxed by wealthy and supports needyFourth oneFasting ninth month of Islamic Lunar year not allowed to eat drink smoke intercourseMake niyya in the morning fast in the day break thefast with water and date at iftar pray tarawee which is 33 rakaLailat alqadr first revelation took place surah 97 celebrated on one last odd nights in Ramadan some people seclude themselves in mosque to partake in blessings itikaf Appearance of New moon end of fasting andcelebrate Eid ul FitrFifth OneHajjperformed during last lunar month Dhul Hija and umra can be performed anytimeDuring pilgrimage men and women cover and greet precincts by saying labbaika go around kaba 7 times and 7 run bw Safa and Marwa staying on hill of Arafat ninth day of month and stoning of shaytan slaughter of sheep day Abraham was ordered to sacrifice his son Ismail MosquesMihrab direction to meeca indicated by small nicheTwo mihrab deserve special mention Clean material wood tile stone marble writtenMosque of Bijapur1636 largest versesMosque in Islamabad1988 shape of open bookreading of the Quran a sacramentQuran expression of spirit full of life not tbook of n sciences reveals new face every day without endTextbook Notes 3 Brown January 182011 Topic Holy QuranWeek 3 Holy Quran Approaches to the Quran3 approachesQuran is a sacred objectReason that fragments found were preserved by someone who considered the physical copies of the quran to be sacred could not be burned and thus buried to preserve themQuran as historical artefactText with history where scholar find out where it originated and how it evolved into present formFocus on what Quran saysPeople experience Quran as object of devotion and beauty but not for its discursive meaning History of the textScripture has remained so timeless and changelessHas text of quran always been so uniformyes remained consistent but only from time that it was put in itspresent form by order of Caliph Uthman 350Earliest manuscript of quran lack vowels and pointing 7 differing systems 2 recite txt accepted as canonical Scholars agree that Quran had prehistory for muslim process was short Muhammad receive revelations from God through angel Jibril prophet recited revelation to followers followers memorized and wrote revelation down after Muhammad death they gathered revelation in written collectionTranslation of the text awkhward times two explanation th Tradition is correct and quranic material did originate in early 7 century but collected and put 2gether in the thth89 century th Quran was put 2gether in 7 century but some content was already ancient by that timeQuran includes 4 overlapping kinds of material oracular utterances polemical passages narrative passages religious law Jesus in the QuranJesus is a dominant prophetic figure in the Qurangiven titles like Ruh Allah spirit of god and Kalam Allah Word from God Quran denies that Jesus is the son of God and insist he is a messenger Interpreting the Quran Outsiders to a tradition often become ignorant scripturalists when they read someone elses Holy BookWhat needs to be known b4 interpreting passage of QuranThorough knowledge of Arabic vocab know Arabic literary tradition thorough knowledge of life of prophet Muhammad occasion of revelationasbab alnuzul access to library that has all this material Central ThemesGod is one the creator of all that is we owe god worship instead of shirk associate beings with GodScriptures and prophet guidance of how god wants ppl to worship and behave Quran reveals this worshipparadisereject worshiphell
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