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RLG204H5 Chapter Notes -Banu Qaynuqa, Banu Qurayza, Banu Hashim

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Alireza Haghighi

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Page 48 : the Life of Muhammed (SAW)
The ancestry of Muhammed (SAW) goes back to Qusayy, the founder of Makkah to
Ismail, Ibrahim, Shem, Noah and finally back to Adam. Before we learn anything we
learn that Muhammed (SAW) is in lineage with Noah and Abraham.
Abd Al Mutallib was the leader of the Quraysh and is remembered for having
rediscovered the sacred well of Zamzam.
Birth and Childhood:
Muhammed (SAW) father died before he was born. Muhammed (SAW0 was followed
by miracles. Christians and Jews always tended to notice that there was something
special about him. A group of Abyssinian Christians actually wanted to take him
back to his country, for as they told his foster mother that they knew all about him
and that he was destined to have a great future.
In another occasion when he accompanies his uncle Abu talib to a caravan in Syria.
Hermit Bahira, who had never b4 paid attention to Arab caravans suddenly became
hospitable. Bahira knew from the books he had studied what the signs of a Propthet
were. In particular, he saw the seal of Prophethood between his shoulders.
Early Adulthood:
Muhammed (SAW) was known for his integrity, known as “the trustworthy”.
Khadija (RA) had a son named Maysara.
Whenhe was 35, the famous black stone incident took place.
He loved solitude and one month of every year he spent in Cave Hira, where he
used to practice Tahannuth and on his return he used to circumambulate the Kabah
before going home. On his 40th year he was visited by the Angel.
Khadija was the first Muslim followed by Ali, Zayd bin Haritha and Abu Bakr.
After preaching 3 years in secret, he was commanded to teach in public. He
received a lot of opposition especially from his uncle Abu Lahab. (Surah Lahab).
Quraysh leaders always plotted against him. Abu talib (leader of the Bani Hashim
clan) always defended him. Muhammed (SAW) was reinforced by the conversion of
Hamza (RA).. Quraysh wanted to bribe him.
They also targeted the weak among his people. (story of Bilal and Ammar bin
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