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Chapter 1

SOC100 (Soc+) - Chapter 1 Reading notes

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Jayne Baker

CHAPTER:1 Development of Sociology  4 Key historical development  Growth of science: Becoming prestigious o Positivism: Researches about objective o Removement of religion (Declining)  Industrial Revolution/Capitalism: Free market place o 18~ 19 Century  Urbanization o Farms  Cities  Rise of states/political revolution o More control of citizens, building, operations and taxes  Four major theories in sociology  2 Criteria o Empirical: Testing an idea o Sociological: Keeping society as focus.  Four major theories o 1) Structural Functionalism (Emile Durkheim: Focused on society more than individuals)  Theory that sees a complex system of parts working together to promote solidarity, stability.  Emile Durkheim: Really interested in stability, equilibrium, social solidarity.  Example: Education Manifests function: Obvious functions (Learning respect and interactions) Latent function: Hidden function (Sorts people into different future occupation)  Example: Prostitution Manifest: Men gets sex Latent: It keeps family together as it pleases the husband and the wife doesn’t have to worry about pleasing the husband. o 2) Conflict Theory (Karl Marx: Interested in contradiction, how to resolve inequality)  : Generally focuses on large macro level structures, relations among classes. Shows major patterns of inequalities in society produce social stability in some circumstance and social change in other. Focuses on Bourgeoise vs
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