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Chapter 6

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Jayne Baker

Chapter 6  Social Stratification: the way society is organized in layer or strata  Wealth = assets – liabilities  Distribution of total income in Canada, only the top 1/5 got richer, the rich get richer  Exceptions to income: athletes, singers, actors, people with disorders  Education as a determinant in income continues to increase  Human Capital: investment in education and training  Part of the reason people with the same human capital receive different economic rewards is social capital (Networks or connections an individual has)  Cultural Capital: Widely shared high status cultural signals used for social and cultural inclusion and exclusion  Homelessness is increasing  Poverty lacks a definition because o Should it be absolute or relative  LICO: low income cut off, if a family spends over 63% of income on necessities they are below the LICO  Myths about poor people o People are poor because they don’t want to work – many people cannot work because off disability or taking care of kids, and many poor people work but are still poor o Most poor people are immigrants – only recent immigrants, and once immigrants are established, they have lower poverty rates then Canadians o Most poor people are trapped in poverty – Most people try to move out of difficult financial spots and most succeed at least for a time  Feminization of Poverty: theory that women were more likely to be low income earners than men and the income gap between women and men was growing  This was proven wrong as the gap as actually shrunk  Progressive Tax: greater proportion of income is paid in tax as income rises  Functionalist Theory of Stratification: (1) Some jobs are more important than other
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