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Chapter 7

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Jayne Baker

Chapter 7  Prejudice is an attitude towards a group, discrimination is an act against a group  Some biologist and social scientist say we should drop the term “race” from our vocabulary because humanity has experienced much intermixing that race as a biological category has lost nearly all its meaning  Race: a social construct used to distinguish people in terms of physical markers  Social structural disadvantage contribute to being less economically successful opposed to culture  What really matters in determining economic success is the resources, like education  Vertical Mosaic: highly ethnically and racially stratified society  After WW2, many different ethnic groups had success in the economy  Change your social context and our racial and ethnic identity change too eventually  Institutional Racism: bias that is inherent in social institutions and is often not noticed by the majority  Internal Colonialism: one race or group controlling another in the same country  Expulsion: forcible removal of one group by another in a place  Conquest: capture of land and domination of its inhabitants  Quebecois: British take over New France, stratification for 200 years and became a major source of political
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