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Chapter 7

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Nathan Innocente

Chapter 7 NotesSociologists have identified certain social conditions that lead to high levels of participation in sports These operate on all groups of people whatever their race Specifically people who face widespread prejudice and discrimination often enter professional sports in disproportionately large numbers for lack of other ways to improve their social and economic standing For such people other avenues of upward mobility tend to be blocked Prejudiceis an attitude that judges a person on his or her groups real or imagined characteristics Discriminationis unfair treatment of people because of their group membership Some respected scholars believe we all belong to one human race which originated in Africa They argue that subsequent migration geographical separation and inbreeding led to the formation of more or less distinct races However particularly in modern times humanity has experienced so much intermixing that race as a biological category has lost nearly all meaning Some biologists and social scientists therefore suggest we drop the term race from the vocabulary of scienceFinally then we can define raceas a social construct used to distinguish people in terms of one or more physical markers Most sociologists believe that race matters because it allows social inequality to be created and perpetuatedA scapegoatis a disadvantaged person or category of people that others blame for their own problemsOnce colonialism slavery and concentration camps were established behavioural differences developed between subordinates and their masters
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