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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Suzanne Casimiro

Chapter Five: Socialization Social Experience: The Key to Our Humanity Socialization: lifelong social experience by which people develop their human potential and learn culture Humans need social experience to learn culture and survive Social experience is the foundation of personality (persons fairly consistent patterns of acting, thinking and feeling); we build personality by taking in our surroundings Human Development: Nature vs. Nurture Century ago, people thought humans were born with instincts that determined their behavior and personality Ex. Case of Anna- deprived of any care , personality did not develop The Biological Sciences: Role of Nature Charles Darwin 1859- study of evolution -> led people to think human behavior is simply our nature o People born as criminals, women naturally emotional, men naturally rational Europeans linked difference in behavior to biology rather than culture Thought that people from lower societies are less biologically evolved and therefore less human The Social Sciences: Role of Nurture John B. Watson- developed behaviourism: behavior is not instinctive, it is learned o Thus, people everywhere are equally human, only different in cultural patterns o Watson concluded that human behavior is dependent on nurture, not nature Without denying importance of nature, we can say that nurture matter more in shaping human behaviour; nurture is our nature www.notesolution.comSocial Isolation Effects of social isolation studied on non-human primates due to ethical reasons Studies of Non-Human Primates Hary and Margaret Harlow- rhesus monkeys study in social isolation Studies of Isolated Children Anna Isabelle Genie Understanding Socialization Six researchers who made contributions to understanding of human development: 1. Sigmund Freuds Elements of Personality Lived in Vienna when Europeans considered human behaviour to be biological Turned to study of personality and mental disorders Developed theory of psychoanalysis Basic Human Needs www.notesolution.com
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