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Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Suzanne Casimiro

Chapter 19: Religion Religion: Basic Concepts Profane: outside the temple; an ordinary element of everyday life Sacred: set apart as extraordinary, inspiring awe and reverence Religion: social institution involving beliefs and practices based on recognizing the sacred Durkheim explained that people understand profane things in terms of everyday usefulness Ritualformal : ceremonial behaviour Religion and Sociology Faith: belief based on conviction rather than scientific evidence Theoretical Analysis of Religion Function of Religion: Structural-Functional Analysis Durkheim Totem: an object in the natural world collectively defined as sacred; ex. An animal Durkheim identified three major functions of religion that contribute to operation of society: 1. Social Cohesion -religion unites people through shared symbolism, values and norms 2. Social Control -society uses religious ideas to promote conformity -many religions encourage people to obey cultural norms by defining their god as a judge 3. Providing meaning and purpose -religious belief offers the comforting sense that our brief lives serve some greater purpose Constructing the Sacred: Symbolic-Interaction Analysis Religion is socially constructed Ex. Marriage could be seen as a contract, but there a religious meaning to it which makes it harder to try to break out of it People use Religion to give everyday life sacred meaning Inequality and Religion: Social- Conflict Analysis Highlights Religions support of social inequality Karl Marx Religion and social inequality also linked through gender Religion and Social Change Max Weber www.notesolution.com
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