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Chapter 4 SocietySociety refers to people who interact in defined territory and share a cultureGerhard and Jean Lenski Society and Technology Sociocultural revolution refers to changes that occur as a society gains new technologyTypes of societies1 Hunter gather hunt animals gather vegetation 12000 years ago believe in spirits2 Horticulture use of hand tools to raise crops did not work for everyonethose in the desert and those with lots of food believe in one Godnon investing3 Pastoralism domestication of animals remained nomadic This society eventually became for social Christianity and other mono religions begins here4 Agriculture large scale cultivation using plows harnessed to animals or more powerful energy sources woman are less important in this society and there is great inequality in general5 Post Industrialtechnology that supports an information based economyLimits of Technology has benefits Disease reductionproductivity and so on has limits loss of community technology can be used for evilKarl Marx Society and Conflict was around during the industrial revolution he noticed that what the poor made ended up in the few rich people he had an idea about Social Conflict the struggle of segments of society over valued resourcesSociety and Production Capitalists people who own and operate factories and other businesses in pursuit of profits they try to sell the product for more than it costs to makeprofit
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