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SOC209 – Chapter 2 • Throughout history cost of criminal justice has inflated  annual cost is near $13 billion • Because of multiculturalism in Canada, maintaining and abiding by the laws becomes more and more difficult. Ex1) religious views contradict the law  Muslim women attire • Justice system built for “traditional” forms of crime • Organized crime causes many problems due to activities like, drug trafficking, sex slavery and money laundry • Very costly to combat gangs, teams like the RCMP investigators, Combined Forces Special Enforcement (CFSE) all made to combat gang and their activities • Many different groups of offenders, can range from  elderly, mentally ill and sex offenders, but all these people still need help • Gender relations on task force  over that last couple of years a effort has been put into hiring more and more female officers. Task Environment: • The cultural geographic and community setting in which the criminal justice personnel make decisions • Characteristics influence the types of crime and social disorder • Different areas deal with different crimes: 1. Rural area  weed crops 2. Urban area  gang activity, robberies • Perception of crime overrated, punishment for those crimes are underestimate • Depending on experiences police/justice reviews can very heavily • Social disorder leads to different levels of fear of crime • Media does not help, via facebook, twitter word gets around about the crime, before it reaches the authorities • Justice in communities depends on community where stuff like community watches, often get negative reviews, because society would rather wait on the authorities then take action themselves (Figure 2.1 & 2.2 pg  43). Developing Effective Criminal Justice Policies • Assistance of community/society needed to stop crime • Levels of crime can defer, depending on or the effectiveness of the system is hard to determine. • Judges and courts have a hard time solving problems, rather than just reacting to it  major criticism • “Swinging Pendulum”: Public and political attitudes of crime prevents policies and programs from developing • Crime Rate: The number of criminal incidents known to the police, as a ratio to the size of the population. • Dark Figure of Crime: The difference between how crime occurs and how much i
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