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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Paula Maurutto

S\`W^W\[UW -,8.6:,1.,943814754.0 .,3//,908 90232:2706:7020398147.,3//,908,55314702542039354.3 .4397,.954.3 ,3,77,302039070-90#!,3/574;3.,54.0147.08574;/0574;3., ,3/2:3.5,54.3807;.08 ;843$9,11#0,9438#05708039,9;05747,29,9574;/08#!411.0789,,94057088907.43.073894 ;#05!747,2 2,3,02039 5:7,,9434154.3 909703/94,7/,33.70,837403.422:398,109,3/80.:79-035,0/ -57;,9080.:79807;.08,3/5,7, 54.0411.078 57010770/6:,1.,943814754.0 706:70203989,93.70,8090.425099;0308841,55.,398800302542039 .,3//,908 354.3 #4,,3,/,34:390/!4.0.9 #!.9 10/07,08,9439,9574;/089017,2047147904507,9434190#! 473507843,9419 054.0 ,80941,999:/3,,3/-0,;4:7,,997-:9089,9/0;0458,8,.43806:03.041 90:36:0740,3/,.9;9084154.0411.078 n 9 n f ffff f n ff fn n f nfn f nf nf n 9 n 9 n n f ff n n f f f n ,nff n f n n 4 lf n n f nfn ,9 4 9 f f fn f n f#ffn ff,ff 4 n nf n n f f; nff- f ,9 nf n ,9 &'()ff ff ff#ffn f f ff nnf nf fn n ,9ffff n n n n fnf ffnn ffff f*+,- n n f.,/ffffff* f n - - n n f f&0 f n f f n n nf1)00 fff n f f n f *f+0- 9 n J , n fff nfffn 9 n n n f f f f, nffn f f fffn f f n f ff ff nnf n f nfn f n f f f f # f 9 f f9 n ffn f nf f n f f n n fff n n 9 n Jf nfn#n -ff ff n f f ff f f fn f f nfnn f n n f n ff 4 f f n n nfnf n @ n n n n f n nf n * n- 4 n f f f f f nf ffn 4 f f nnf n f n cfnfff f f f n f n fffn za_`UW ^W]a^WWZ``S`\[UWSZ`SZ\WSUWSZV _WUa^`ZU[aZ`cWWZ_a^ZY`S` ZVbVaS_S^W`^WS`WVXS^SZVaSZ^Y`_S^W ^W_\WU`WV ]aS` SU`WZ_WZ``WV`[\[UZY_W^bUW_`S` U[Z`^Ta`W`[`W^XWWZY_[X_SXW`SZV_WUa^` UU[aZ`ST` SU`[Z_[X\[UW_W^bUW_\[UW[XXUW^__aTWU``[ ^WbWc XXUWZU \[UZY_W^bUW_a_`TWU[_`WXXUWZ` 9 n ff f nfn n n f f Jf n 6 @ff n nf n n *nfnnf - f fn * fn -f n * ffn - - f f fn f 9f n n f fn f f n ,n n n n n ff cf n nnf f D f n f f nff n nf f nf fnn n f 9 n 9nfn n nf f f79 n # n n 4 9 fn n f n f nn f nf fnf ffnf n nff f f n n ffn n f ,ff n f n nf n f f nf n f n f nn nf n ,ffn n n fnf ^W[Z`^[ ^W_\[ZVZY`[SZVZbW_`YS`ZYU^W_ \S`^[ZY_`^WW`_`[\^WbWZ`U^W_ [Z`SW_a\ [X`W[XXUW^!_`W ^VW^ SZ`WZSZUW \^WbWZ`ZYSZVU[Z`^[ZYTWSb[a^`S`V_`a^T_\aTU\WSUW$%W% [aV\S^`W_ Z`W^bWZZYZU[ZXU`_TW`cWWZU`WZ_^W ^WbWZ`[ZSZVW^bUW \^[bVZY_W^bUW_`[U[aZ`W^W_\[ZVZY`[`^SXXUSUUVWZ`_ ,nf f n n f f f fn f n f fn f 89n f n nf n * n n n f n - 9 n n fffnf n f f n 9 n f f n fnf f n f nfn :nf n f n 9nf9n n n f f nf D n nf f nf f * f ,9- 9 n n n nf fn n nf f f nf n f n f n n 4 n n f n f nf ff f fff fff n nf n fff9 f 9 n nf*9- n fnn 4 nf n n f n n nf f f 4 c n f n nn fnnfn9n WY_S`[Z ZWcSc_SZVUSZYW_`[W(_`ZYWY_S`[ZUSZ SbW\SU`[Z\[UW\[cW^_VWSZV_\SUWV[Z \[UW_W^bUW_SZV[c\[UW_W^bUW_`^`[
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