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209 Course Reader Ch1 Introduction to crime

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Reader notesChapter1Introduction to criminologyWhat is crimeKirsten Kramar University of WinnipegRepresenting crime and criminalsKarla Homolka and Paul Bernardo case received a lot of media attentionWhen Karla Homolka was released from Joliette Quebec correctional facility after serving 12 years for anslaughterstory dominated headlines because it involved rape and murder of young white women from idle class suburban neighbourhood in southern Ontariotwo white blondhaired middle class newlyweds case was much more largely represented than the cases of missing and murdered women in downtown Vancouver The pickton case is the largest most poorly handled serial killer investigation in Canadian history26 missing and murdered women and girls had not attracted the same level of media attention as the three murders committed by Paul Bernardo and wife dozens of women go missing involved in the sex trade murdered with little media coveragemany believe that these cases were ignored because the women involved in the pickton case were addicted to drugsthe charges and convictions established Robert pickton as the worst killer in Canadian historyWhat is crime Crime is a culpable action or omission prohibited by law and punished by the stateAn act or omission is a crime because the law defines it that way The normative definition of crime views crime as conduct that violates cultural normswhen standards or norms are violated the government reacts with sanctionsThe concept of crime can be defined from either a formal or normative perspective this means the formal definition of crime and through the normative definitioncrime can be measured and responded to in relation to the level of harm it
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