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Reader NotesChapter2 The saints and the Roughnecks William J Chambliss8 promising young men children of good stable white upper middle class families active in schoolwere some of the most delinquent boys at Hanibal High Schoolthe saints were constantly occupied with truancy drinking wild driving petty theft and vandalism second gang at Hanibal high school called the Roughnecks were six lower class white boys who were constantly in trouble with police and community even through their rate of delinquency was equal to the saintsThe cause of disparitythe result social classcommunity perceptions of both gangs The saints from Monday to Fridayconcerned with getting out of school as early as possiblestrategizing to get the boys out of class and out for a day of funnot all 8 could leave school average of 5got away to play pool or go to a cafpool hall located in the lower class suburbs out of the way from people they might know provided entertainment The saints on Weekends went to big town a large city with a population of over a million 25 miles away from Hanibalhaving a car was crucial every Saturday night the saints would meet around 8 or 830 and go to Big Towndrank heavily in taverns and nightclubs driving drunk through the streets committing acts of vandalism and playing pranksby midnight on Fridays and Saturdays they would be thoroughly high an
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