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Chapter 3


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Nicole Myers

Ch.3 Prescientific Approaches to Deviance  Witchcraft is important to the study of deviance because it provides a pragmatic example (an especially useful model) of the process whereby authorities, sometimes even against resistance from their less powerful subjects, can create deviants. Myths, Parables, And Stories  Before the enlightenment brought us science, rationality, and an empirically bound reality, people understood life in terms of myths, folklore, parables, and stories. These tales described their experiences and, in a nonscientific way, explained them. Trickster Legends  Most of our secular tales are ambivalent about deviance, in that they do not regard it as unconditionally bad  The deviant character is frequently more likeable and sympathetic than characters who teach and correct  This ambivalence about deviance and control is reflected in the culturally universal trickster  Everything the trickster does is permeated with laughter, irony, with and deviance. The trickster is also a god, a god that is not above us all but rather immanent in life itself and in the community. Examples of Demonic D
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