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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Notes

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David Brownfield

Chapter 1: pages 1-21 Character and Sources of Ambiguity  Radical sociology may speak of the oppression and alienation caused by the institutions of capitalist society  Control theory will depict institutional restraints as indispensable to a properly conducted society  Functionalist sociology portrays deviance as an unrecognized and unintended buttress of social order Deviance is not a Single Problem with a Single Solution  Some sociologists would assert that deviance is a political phenomenon, since it is intimately connected with the exercise of power and the application of rules  Other think the study of deviance should be a repository of practical information and advice; advocating caution in the construction of schemes for the suppression of law breaking  The criminal justice system creates criminals because it needs a client population  Marxist historians claim that deviance may provide a “history from below”, an unofficial commentary of the dispossessed on their own past  Deviance can take expressly political directions; such as certain homosexuals organized to become the Gay Liberation Front  Deviance is relative in culture and time o Cross cultural comparisons are synchronic; we compare cultures at the same time o Historical comparisons are diachronic; we look at social standards across time  Not all deviance is considered relative, some is universally held in contempt Sources of Diversity  Sociology is not enclosed or sealed against arguments that exist in the wider world o Sociology is heir to a long tradition of brooding about deviance and sin, politics being but on strong of that tradition  Sociology has its own language, and techniques, but it has also fed on ideas that have originated in other fields o The reworking of old conceptio
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