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Nicole Myers

Gladue Court - History of colonialism, appropriation, assimilation - Poverty, lack of education, social services, history of abuse, destruction of culture, substance abuse - racism - higher numbers of aboriginal women offenders Intervention - Takes into accounts of all other alternatives before incarnceration - Judicial duty, not the discretion of the Judge - Tries to take into account of their differences, and give them sentence based on those differences 2Step - Look at the offence that has been committed in part due to their background - Sentence according to their background and place in an aboriginal community Holistic approach - Tries to encompass all the factors the affected the outcome of the crime - Reduce over-reliance on incarceration - Provide a court the is more open and responsive to Aboriginal people; Cultural relevance - Repairing harm/importance of healing Controversy - what about the black people - there are other offenders who come from troubled backgrounds - Reverse discrimination, because they are aboriginal, they have to be treated differently Need to address how got there in first place - Address issues at the root of the problem - Systemic discrimination - poverty Working? No, Increase in the rate of representation of
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