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Chapter MESS

SOC219H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter MESS: Marital Rape, Radical Feminism, Antifeminism

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Jennifer Carlson

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Reading Guide
Messner, M. 2016. “Bad Men, Good Men, Bystanders: Who Is the
Rapist?” Gender & Society: OnlineFirst.
What is “blame-the-victim” ideology (pg. 1)?
What is the “pre-feminist” view of rape that predominated prior to the 1970s (pg.
According to Messner, how did the “myth of the Black rapist” shape stereotypes
of “the rapist” (pg. 2)?
How did the “feminist naming of violence against women” transform violence
against women as a social problem (pg. 3)? Why does Messner use the term
“over-conformity” (pg. 3)?
In what ways was the feminist approach of the 1970s “radical” (pg. 3)?
According to Messner, what negative effects did this feminist approach have on
men’s involvement in antirape activism (pg. 3 – 4)?
What four developments expanded opportunities for men to become involved in
stopping violence against women?
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