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Chapter HER

SOC219H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter HER: Hegemonic Masculinity

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Jennifer Carlson

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Reading Guide
Herbert, Steve. 2001. "'Hard Charger' or 'Station Queen'? Policing and
the Masculinist State." Gender, Place & Culture 8(1): 55 - 71.
Herbert distinguishes between analyzing the state in terms of external relations
and internal dynamics. Which one is he focused on? How does this challenge
ideas about how the state reproduces gender?
Based on Herbert’s description, how is hegemonic masculinity defined within
policy agencies?
What explains the ‘rank and file’ resistance to community policy?
How do police officers use guns to draw Herbert into masculinism (pg. 58)?
Why does the anti-gang unit enjoy “considerable prestige” (pg. 58)?
What are the impacts of marking certain spaces as ‘anti-police’ or ‘dangerous’?
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