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Weiguo Zhang

Age Frequency (f) 15 9 16 7 Statistics Unplugged--Chapter Notes (Introduction & Chapter 1) People use statistical analysis to carry out research and do it in a objective and quantifiable way. When studying statistics you should allow yourself to become totally immersed in an abstract conceptual world, without any thought about direct applications It is not that easy to get from point A to point B in statistics; it requires a lot of thought and thinking. Practice, Practice, Practice will help you succeed in statistics. Chapter One Notes Statistics can be used in a number of ways... A prison psychologist might collect info on levels of aggression in inmates, while a teacher might focus on their latest set of student test scores. Information may be collected on different variables Variable: Anything that can vary; it is anything that can take on different quality or quantities. Eg: Age of students, attitudes towards a particular social issue, hours spent watching t.v, levels of pollution, ect. Data: Infomation about variable Data Set: The collections, organization, and interpretation of data according to well-defined procedures. Data Distributions : A listing of values or responses associated with a particular variable in a data set. eg: Lets say you are looking at the age of 125 customers who enter a book store. If you list the age of each customer who entered (the 125 customers) in a columned chart then this would constitute as data distribution. www.notesolution.com
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