notes on Weber from textbook reading

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6 Jan 2011
Soc231 Chapter 9 notes on Weber
Society is constituted thru rationally calculated & goal directed human action &
wholesale rationalization comes to dominate Western culture & institution
Nietzsche social world is full of ambiguity, cruelty, unconscious impulses dominate
behaviour not rational principles
oBelieve no moral standards whose truth can be demonstrated by reasoning
nothings true traditional moral values lost their authority & binding power
in late capitalist societies
oInfluenced Weber who emphasize the primacy of power in social life since
domination is most important elements of social action
oWeber ideas about the inability of social sciences to ever establish
unambiguous truth in social world since truths exist from particular
Neo-Kantianism dispute about relationship b/w natural sciences & human sciences
aka Methodenstreit revolution against positivist dominance & aimed to secure
intellectual authority of humanities & social science
oEmphasized humanitys creative & meaningful commonality revealed by
(hermeneutics approach) process of understanding, interpretation &
oVerstehen = distinct mode of understanding by capturing human meanings
from social experience = understand types of social action by penetrating to
the subjective meanings indivs attatch to their own actions and actions of
Eg. Cant understand the homeless unless understand how homeless
view & explain their own situation
oNatural science generalize phenomenon in terms of causal arguments
oHuman science individualize phenomenon by understanding the significance
of it
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