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The Social Construction of Reality- Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann Pages 93-105 Reality of everyday life  Everyday life presents itself as a reality interpreted by men and subjectively meaningful to them as a coherent world  World of everyday life is not only taken for granted as reality by ordinary members of society in subjectively meaningful conduct of their lives o World that originates in their thoughts and actions, and is maintained as real by these  Phenomenological analysis of everyday life, or subjective experience of everyday life, refrains from any causal/ genetic hypotheses, and from assertions about ontological status of phenomena analyzed  Commonsense contains innumerable pre and quasi-scientific interpretations about everyday reality, which it takes for granted  Consciousness always intentional; always intends or is directed toward objects  Different objects present themselves to consciousness as constituents of different spheres of reality  My consciousness, then, is capable of moving through different spheres of reality o Conscious of the world as consisting of multiple realities  Shock is to be understood as caused by shift in attentiveness that the transition entails  Tension of consciousness highest in everyday life (the latter imposes itself upon consciousness in the most urgent and intense manner)  Forces me to be attentive to it in fullest way  Reality of everyday life appears already objectified (constituted by an order of objects that have been designated as objects before everyday life continuously provides me with necessary objectifications and posits the order within which these make sense and within which everyday ife has meaning for me  Reality of everyday life is organized around the ‘here’ of my body and the ‘now’ of my present o What is ‘here and now’ presented to me in everyday life is the realissimum of my consciousness  Experience everyday life in terms of differing degrees of closeness and remoteness both spatially and temporally  Closest to me is the zone of everday life that is directly accessible to my bodily manipulation o Contains world within my reach, world in which I act so as to modify its reality, or the world in which I work  Consciousness dominated by pragmatic motive (attention to this world mainly determined by what I am doing, have done or plan to do in it)  Reality of everyday life further presents itself to me as an intersubjective world, a world that I share with others  Alone in the world of my dreams but the world of everyday life as re
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