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Erik Schneiderhan

The Second Sex Simone de Beauvoir  What is a woman? She is a womb  Not every female human being is necessarily a woman; she must take part in reality known as femininity  Biological and social sciences no longer believe there are immutably determined objects that define given characteristics like those of woman, the Jew, or the black o Science considers characteristics as secondary reactions to a situation o If there is no such thing as femininity today, it is because there never was  Advocates of Enlightenment philosophy, rationalist, or nominalism assert- women are merely those who are randomly chosen by the word ‘woman’  Every concrete human being always uniquely situated  Women who assert they are men still claim masculine consideration and respect  Human split into two categories of individuals with noticeably different clothes, faces, bodies, interests and occupations  Woman is the negative, to such a point that any determination is attributed to her as a limitation, without reciprocity  Being a man is not a particularity; a man is in his right by virtue of being man, the woman is the one that is wrong o No absolute human type that is masculine  Female is female by virtue of certain lack of qualities according to Aristotle; we should regard women’s nature as suffering from natural defectiveness  Saint Thomas- woman is an ‘incomplete man’; an ‘incidental’ being  Humanity is male, and man defines woman, not in herself but in relation to himself o She is not considered an autonomous being; woman- the relative being  Monsieur Benda in Le rapport d’Uriel- a man’s body has meaning by itself, disregarding body of the woman, whereas the woman’s body of seems devoid of meaning without reference to the male o Man thinks himself without woman but the opposite is not true o She is nothing other than what man decides; male sees her as a sexed being; for him she sex, so she is it in the absolute o He is the subject, he is the absolute, she is the other  No group ever defines itself as One without immediately setting up the Other opposite itself  Not the Other who, defining itself as Other, defines the One; the Other is suggested as Other by the One suggesting itself as One o In order for the Other not to turn into the One, the Other has to submit to this foreign point of view  One category managed to dominate another absolutely o Often numerical inequality that confers this privilege; majority imposes its law on minority o There have always been women and they have always been subordinate to men; their dependence is not the consequence of an event or a becoming, it did not just happen  Women l
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