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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Jennifer Carlson

Chapter 4: Women in an Egalitarian Society: The Montagnais- NASKapi of Canada- Eleanor B. Leacock (Pages 43-54) Introduction Egalitarian: believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities Eleanor Leacock provides descriptions of gender and family relations among the Montagnais- Naskapi, aboriginal people who survived by hunting and gathering Her research involved close examination of the Jesuit Relations (diaries kept by the Jesuits working in the 17 century in what is now Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador Provide us with descriptions of family and gender relations in a foraging society and the argument about how the ways foragers acquired their livelihood shaped both their family organization and the gender relations typical in their society Also provide vivid descriptions of how family and gender changed as these people abandoned hunting for trapping and trading with Europeans Described a society in which people lived in small groups and acquired their subsistence by co-operating with teach other daily Indicated division of labour based on gender but didnt entail systematic gender inequality Autonomy: right or condition of self-government Autonomy that women had in this society related to dependence all people had on the group according to Leacock People depended on each other every day, co-operation and generosity were central to daily subsistence o This autonomy and absence of private property formed the basis of the gender egalitarianism common in foraging societies Montagnais-Naskapi lived in small hunting groups which functioned as families do in society Composition of those units consisted of many nuclear family units which werent necessarily related by blood www.notesolution.com
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