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Lina Samuel

LECTURE 2: July 9 Changing Families: Chapter 1 notes: Socialization- is the process of children learning to think and behave in ways appropriate to the society and group they are born and raised in. Institution- is a widely recognized area of social life that is organized along a system of widely accepted norms that regulate behaviours. Census families- includes a couple, of any sexual orientation, with or without children, married or cohabitating, as well as a lone parent of any marital status with at least one child living in the same dwelling, or a grandparent raising grandchildren.  Was adapted by Statistics Canada to fit current conditions Family- a social group, an institution, and an intergenerational group of individuals related to another by blood, adoption, or marriage/cohabitation.  Intergenerational is defined as consisting of two generations in one household or being related to someone of a different generation. Nuclear family- a person or couple has a child whether through surrogacy, adoption, or birth. Binuclear family- half of their nuclear family is constituted by themselves and their mother and the other half by and their dad. Horizontal nuclear family- only one generation is involved. Siblings share a household without any parents. Extended Families- are not common in North America. The extent of extended families may vary by co- residence, neighbourhood, and also emotional reasons. Having an extended family is optional in North America in contrast to other region
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