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Chapter 11

Chapter 11- Youth voices and youth-centered innovations.docx
Chapter 11- Youth voices and youth-centered innovations.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Abigail Salole

Chapter 11: Youth Voices and Youth-Centered Innovations Introduction  Attention paid to responding to problem of youth crime and less interest in relating to youth involved in crime  Voices of youth missing from professional, academic, public, and media discourses  Criminalized youth have become the “other”; still deserve to be respected, love and cared for  Strong sense of people ‘in power’ (experts and professionals) not understanding the real issues of youth crime  Youth have historically been the subjects of processes that directly affect their lives (i.e. YCJS) but not the authors Youth Voices  Western discourses with respect to family, school and civil society constitutes children as unique; so different from adults that their otherness justifies their absence from decision-making in institutional arrangements  Moral panic around youth violence and youth crime fuelled by what Schissel calls pastime of “blaming children” Just Listen To Me  Starting point of roundtable was first-hand experiences with violence  Themes that were evident in the discussion: o Violence is everywhere o Violence has many faces (intent to harm or gain power) o Certain groups seen as more violent than others o Broken parenting can result in violence o Substance abuse is connected to violence o Peer-on-peer violence o Abuse of power within institutions o No respect- youth as second-class citizens o Doors closed to youth o Un-rehabilitative system o No accountability in system or among youth  Cultural exclusion and racism- targeted by institutions, ostracized, fewer opportunities, more susceptible to public scrutin
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