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Zachary Levinsky

stFebuary 1 2012 Chapter 5 The Operation of the Youth Justice System The contemporary youth criminal justice system deals with individuals from 1217 if they have contravened with the Criminal CodeSystem operated against a backdrop of inequality and powerful discourses of risk and governance Sociopolitical climate institutions practices and discourses is liable to changeLaw on the BooksLaw in PracticeThree guiding assumptions regarding implementation of social policy affecting young persons what how who o Philosophy as declared in legislationo The translation of philosophy into program goals and objectives o Ideological orientation of the professionals responsible for delivering service to young peopleThis shows that law in the books plays a particular role in shaping what happens in practice as youths encounter the youth criminal justice systemIdeological orientation makes a big differenceIt shapes the relationship between professionals and youth in very different waysYCJA celebrates the role of the community But to what extent the communities are equipped with skills training resources knowledge and funding makes a dramatic differenceTwo Readings of LawAs a fair and impartial arbiter of social conflicts or as a site in society for the reproduction of gender race age and class inequalitiesThe modern legal system is based on the assumption that the official version of law is what the legal world would have us believe about itself that is impartial neutral and objective for resolving social conflictYouth criminal justice system is adversarial involving conflict Crown attorneys defence lawyers and judges are granted power to criminalizeThey deal with law in regards to formal rules but also in terms of ideology and discoursesDiscourses shape practice and in turn practices shape discoursesExamining the YCJAYCJA outlines overarching principles whereas the YOA had general guidelines but no underlying philosophyThe YCJAs Declaration of Principle formally outlines philosophical approach of the current legislationYCJA keeps several elements of the YOA o Applies to youth from 1217 o Separate court o Youth have right to counsel
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