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Zachary Levinsky

March 21, 2012 What to do about Youth Crime and Future Directions CHAPTER 10 Debates in literature - Common response is lock them up - Alternatives to custody have entered debate. - Labeling theory argues that a young person’s self concept changes to be consistent with a label, making delinquent behavior more likely. - Punitive measures do not reduce recidivism. - Another solution is to make harsher and longer punishment. The fact that short sentences aren’t effective enough. - Incarceration is popular because of moral panic in part. Detention centers - We have been socialized to think that crime is breaking the law and that if you cause harm, you should expect the same (retributive). - This is underlying paradigm of justice. - Focus on custody - There is also: o Boot camps o Non rehabilitative sentences o Longer terms Restorative justice and community - Non adversarial approach to justice that places emphasis on helping victims heal, offender accountability and community involvement. - Some elements of restorative justice are currently being incorporated in the YCJS in Canada in the form of youth justice committees, circle sentencing and victim-offender reconciliation programs. - Victim-offender mediation - Family group conferencing - Sentencing circles - Victim-offender reconciliation programs - Youth justice committee - System based responses to youth crime are limited because they look at youth crime as the problem rather than systemic issues underlying youthful offending. - Restorative justice potentially removes the stigmatizing effects of incarceration. - Definitions of justice are political. - Justice, ethically, is about r
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