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Paula Maurutto

Criminal Justice and the Community Todd Clear and Eric Cadora  High-impact location areas where crime and criminal justice responses to crime exist in concentrated levels; makes sense to have community justice initiatives here because traditional methods have obviously failed o Any progress made by community justice would have most payoff in these areas because they are highly targeted  Community justice- rethinking traditional criminal ljsutice approaches for public safety  Two assumptions made in community justice- o Assumed that within existing jurisdictions, (i.e. large cities) there are important differences from one community to another which suggest that criminal justice strategies need to be made to accommodate for these diffrenes to be successful o Formal systems of social control (i.e. justice system) not main mechanisms of public safety  **informal social controls such as families, neighbours and social organizations form most important foundation for public safety  Justice system seen as revolving door- criminals come in and out of prison and back into community  Community justice has following priorities: o Selects high-impact locations for special strategies designed to improve quality of community life and promote public safety o Working to strengthen capacity of informal systems of social control (families, friends, social support); undertakes proactive strategy responding to crime/being prepared before o Develop partnerships with residents, businesses and other social services to coordinate public safety concerns  Broadens responsibility of traidional criminal justice agencies  Efforts directed towards dealing with crime before it happens  Seeks to be evaluated for way it reponsds to criminal events or problems of public safety  Improving quality of life and building social capital in locations where community justice is needed Criminal Justice and Social Justice  Both based on existence of fair set of rules of how people treat each other and how citizens are treated by government o Both concerned with what people “deserve”  Criminal justice- type of negative justice; concerned with how society allocated undesirable experiences to its members o Study of criminal justice is study of rules, procedures, and practices under which citizens experience application of criminal label/imposition of criminal sanction o Set of institutions and procedures for determining who deserves to be sanctions and what kind of sanctions they get o Possible to break laws without suffering consequences o Innocent people sometimes convicted of crimes and the offender doesn’t always get caught  Social justice- distribution of good things within society; opportunity for advancement, personal wealth, health care, housing (basic goods of life) o These benefits provided in a just society by fair set of rules and are applied to everyone equally o Set of rules by which people get good things they deserve as consequence of their talents/fruits of effort o People don’t always get rewarded for their hard work  When someone does something wrong, criminal justice deals with it and when someone does something good, then social justice deals with that  Criminal and social justice are related ; places where people face toughest odds against living out American Dream are also places where there is most criminality o Existence of disadvantage in society causes crime  Community justice brings together concepts of criminal and social justice to build response to crime that takes both ideas into account  Community justice strategy of criminal justice because it deals with problems that contribute to and result from crime  Aim of community justice to process criminal cases and also to restore order, strengthen community cohesion, repair damages of crime and build partnerships with community (social capital) o Concerned with quality of public life and effectiveness of collective community action  Community justice seeks to improve life of community through attacking problems that surround public safety and undermine capacity of social groups to advance their well-being  Not only negative sanctions given to offenders like in criminal justice policies Importance of “Place”  Where a person lives is one of the most important aspects of what that person’s life is like  America segregated in layout of its neighbourhoods (poor separated from the rich etc); their lifestyle varies with where they live  **sets stage for how person lives their daily life and especially important for those who don’t have many resources where they live/can’t get out of it What is community?(neighbourhood)  Neighbourhood- refers to particular geographic area within larger jurisdictional entity; develop reputation and identity o Don’t have concrete boundaries; fluid boundaries over time o **coherent area within larger jurisdiction that most people see as different in meaningful way from areas surrounding it  Community- neighbourhood but has more personal significance o Refers to people more than places; think of location but also of the people there o Sometimes used to refer to pe
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