SOC341H5 Chapter Notes -Occupational Segregation, Sex Segregation, Mena

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6 Jan 2011

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Where people work and what they do depends on their gender, race and/or ethnicity, and other factors. These differences are significant because they have implications for inequality. Occupations for men and women and members of various groups are different and so are their rewards, opportunities for promotion, job security and so on. Traditionally, white women and men and women of colour, have fewer opportunities for good-paying, meaningful work leading to promotions than have white men. Occupational segregation occurs when people from different social categories do different types of work eg. age, race. Sex segregation occurs when men and women work in different occupations, jobs, and/or workplaces. Racial segregation occurs when people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds work in occupations, different jobs. Vertical segregation = occupation segregation assoc. w/ income inequality. Horizontal = diff groups work in diff jobs (often diff sectors of economy) earnings are comparable when shouldn"t be since diff work+sector should.