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Chapter 7

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Lina Samuel

Chapter 7 The Discarded Factory: Degraded Production in the Age of the Superbrand - a strategic plan should focus on brand management, marketing and product design as a means to meet the casual clothing wants and needs of consumers. Contracting throughout the world will give companies greater flexibility to allocate resources and capital to its brands - brand-name multinationals (Levis, Nike, Champion, Wal-Mart, Reebok, the Gap etc.) are in the process in the of exceeding the need to identify with their earthbound products - they think about their brands deep inner meanings the way they capture the spirit of individuality, athleticism, wilderness or community - a product is something that is made in a factory. A brand is something that is bought by a customer - companies must think of themselves as brand factories hammering out what is of true value, the idea, the lifestyle, the attitude - brand builders are the new primary producers in our knowledge economy - building a superbrand is a costly project, needing constant managing, tending and replenishing, and requires lots of space
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