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Chapter 8

notes for chapter 8 textbook readings for lecture 6

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Lina Samuel

Chapter 8 1-800 New Brunswick: Economic Development Strategies, Firm Restructuring, and the Local Production of Global Services Ruth Buchanan - Chapter examines the processesof globalization that are taking place in New Brunswick in ways that are different from the global centre, like Boston or New York. - Themes that were emerging in the local economic news: the implications of new telecommunications technologies, restructuring and reorganization by firms and the shifting roles of local, provincial and federal governments. - Strategies from governments, firms and workers created an attractive environment for call centres.- have both inbound 1-800 numbers- courier companies to airlines, hospitality industries and financial institutions and also outbound telephone services - survey research and fundraising. - Reorganizing firms changing into call centres where lots of functions can be centralized and is much more cost efficient N.B realized that it could market itself as a cheap location for these call centres - Between 1991 and 1997, call centres created 6.000 new jobs in NB - The provincial govt played a role in this by initiating the sectors growth, soliciting firms and offering incentives for those that relocate. This also occurred during the same time as many other firms were consolidating and restructuring - This was linked to globalization but operated in a distinct logic - Globalization isnt a single process that comes from a global centre, rather occurs through a multiplicity of interactions and institutions that are local and have their own histories, needs and instrumentalities. Workers have agency. Therefore the chapter looks at the complex ways that global processesare interpreted and transformed by institutions and local workers that have agency. - Transformation and growth within the sectors are crucial - Now services are the central process in spatial and institutional restructuring, whereas before it was economic processesthat did this increasing significance of legal, marketing financial and management www.notesolution.com
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