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University of Toronto Mississauga
Michelle Szabo

SOC349 – Readings – April 1, 2013 Domestic Divo? Televised Treatments of Masculinity, Femininity and Food By: Swenson Social institutions have made the kitchen a gendered space where natural feminine and masculine behaviors are evident (4). While the kitchen was (and continues to be) a female space, there were cook books in the 40’s and 50’s instructing men how to cook (but they way to cook consisted of a masculine manner) – preparing MEAT (symbol of masculinity) in the BBQ (goes back to cavemen). Women cook for family out of care, men cooks in a professional setting for paid labor. The shows on food network portray white males and white females more prominently. Shows featuring men as hosts show cooking as:  A way to flex professional muscles  Male hosts make references to their previous professional setting, by wearing their white chef jacket or making references “This is how I learnt in culinary school”, “Things smoke up in a professional kitchen” etc.  They also reference “Science” to cooking (science a typically male discipline) p10  CONTRARILY, female hosts portray themselves as domestic cooks preparing meals for friends and family while wearing an apron, rarely making reference to cooking professionally.  Cooking as leisurely entertainment  Male hosts do not discuss the challenges of routinely cooking for a family – but do show viewers how easy and enjoyable it is to prepare meals for friends and family on occasion where it is shown as a pleasurable hobby (not something you have to do – like women who have to cook, and female hosts that show this type of cooking as something you have to do to keep your family happy).  Some shows like Guy’s Big Bite illustrates a party setting in his show where the room is amped with music, a full bar, giant TV, pinball machine etc.  Other shows illustrate the aspect of leisurely entertainment through comradely cooking, where men cook (i.e. BBQ for example) to socialize. Shows featuring female hosts show cooking as:  Domestic work done for family and friends. BOTH male and female hosts experience cooking as a journey (where the domestic kitchen disappears) but both sexes convey different aspects  Cooking as a Journey Females: The purpose of the on the road show is to provide trip-planni
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