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Questions for the first week Questions for the Introduction P121Why does punishment puzzle us and disappoint our expectationsBecause we have tried to convert a deeply social issue into a technical task for specialist institutions Social meaning for punishment is badly understood and needs to be explored in order to find better alternatives that align with ideals 2How do you understand the meaning of the term cumulative argumentThe cumulative argument is examining the different approaches in evaluating punishment in a sociological context and having an end argument that entails all the features that are important to the study of punishment It involves a collection of approaches in examining punishment and finally seeing it as a multifaceted topic that needs to be evaluated in mainstream sociology 3Why is multidimensional approach to punishment very importantThe framework in which they work are partial and limiting and a more pluralistic approach is required Analytical pluralism may seem obvious but singular and reductionist views tend to dominate the field and do not provide enough information on their own in order to evaluate punishment Therefore it is necessary to use multidimensional views on punishment in order to find and examine different factors that may constitute to it4Why does the author write about punishment as a central object of social theoryEchoes Durkheims idea that punishment is an index of societys invisible moral bonds Punishment displays a complexity of function and richness of meaning sufficient to challenge sociological understanding C
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