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Plus Ca Change? „Correcting‟ Inuit Inmates in Nunavut, Canada By: Tammy C. Landau Landau explains how the criminal justice system in Nunavut places the Inuit people at a disadvantage. Reports signify that Aboriginal people have been over-represented at all stages of the criminal justice system. Landau states that low incomes, unemployment, poor health care, inadequate levels of education, crowded and substandard housing conditions are all characteristics of Aboriginal life in Canada (Landau, 2006). These social conditions which the Aboriginal people are faced with are a direct result of the discriminatory policies that the Canadian government has directed towards the Aboriginal people (Landau, 2006). Reports show that crime rates are higher in Nunavut than in any other jurisdiction in Canada (Landau, 2006). For the incarcerated Aboriginal youth, reports indicated that youths were addicted to drugs or alcohol, had poor commitments to school and employment, came from highly dysfunctional homes, were victims of physical or sexu
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