Chapter 3.

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Visual Culture and Communication
Neil Narine

VCC220 January 24th, 2014 Modernity (spectatorship, power and knowledge) When we look, context matters. -"when we look at images, we look within a field that includes much more than just our own gaze and the image" -the MEDIUM matters (cell phone, cinema, newspaper, tv, in the street, in an art gallery) -our SENSES matter ( is it noisy, crowded, in public? or quiet viewing at home?) THE GAZE: HOW WEE LOOK MATTERS -"the GAZE...carries connotations looking long and intently with affection -THE GAZE was theorized in psychoanalysis which was a new field bw the Victorian age and modernism -THE GAZE could be scientific, rational, or emotional for pleasure MODERNITY AND THE VISUAL WORLD -modernity is not modernism -modernity is a relative term. here we mean 1850'w-1900 -modernity resulted from industrial and technological breakthroughs , the creation of factories, the rise of assembly, line workers and the middle class -quality of life for the masses became a priority PROFOUND OPTIMISM -inventing the modern world (items of art created threw complex times) a)London worlds fairs, 1851 -looking at the foreign objects , artifacts and technologies was central to the experience of the world fairs. (allowed people to discover new ways of technology) -the worlds fair or great exhibition in the 1851 was a major event -people of middle classes could come in and learn about the wider world by looking at object directly (India= jewel of crown, and always kept an eye on compition) TWO GAZES: COLONIAL AND THE "MALE GAZE" Colonial gaze: pictures of woman private moments, fascinated by the visual part of looking at something (references to alladin)
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