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Chapter chapter 2

WGS101H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter chapter 2: Reproductive Rights, Classical Liberalism, Mary Wollstonecraft

Women and Gender Studies
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Joan Simalchik
chapter 2

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Monday, 1 October 2018
Chapter 2
Historical ideas and theories about women and gender !
-Is sexism the idea that women are not the same as men, or is it sexist to demand
that women have to act and think the same as men do if they want to be treated
equally. !
1. Why ideas and theories are important. !
-It is important to read about the old ideas because they represent the beliefs of
the thinkers who developed them and also the widely held believes at those
times. !
-Over time social ideas change.!
-Children who are learning the language of their communities are also learning
about social roles, expectation, and beliefs. !
-A need to distinguish between DESCRIPTIVE (how human beings have generally
done things) PRESCRIPTIVE (consider how things should be done) aspects of the
way concepts and definitions are used. !
-Humans are intensely imaginative and creative animals with innovative capacities
to change, adapt, and learn. !
-Consider how language is used this may actually inhibit change or conceal
aspects of something to be understood. !
-Anthropologists assumed that it is justified to study a culture by interviewing only
men. They believed that women’s lives are determined by nature rather than
culture and that women do the same thing in every society. !
2. The ‘Waves’ of feminism.!
-Waves depict the ebb and flow of women’s rights activism and are linked to
particular historical eras. (by North American feminism)!
-First wave in the 19th century and early 20th century. It was concerned for civil
and political rights for women. !
-The second wave came in the 1960. This included campaigns against women
rights and reproductive rights and equal pay. !
-The third wave in the beginning of 1990s- theories universally challenged for
women of colour, LGBTQ rights and academics. !
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