WGS250H5 Chapter Notes -Thomas Beatie

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31 Jan 2013
WGS250- Week 1
Labour of Love
Is society ready for this pregnant husband?
By: Thomas Beatie
Transgendered father carried the child.
his wife was unable to carry the child he medically prepared himself to carry the baby.
Because of this decision they are being discriminated politically and questioning their
religious beliefs.
Doctors were shocked, told him to shave his facial hair.
After a 3000 consultation the doctor told him that he cannot with with him any more
because the staff felt uncomfortable woking with “someone like him”.
A total of nine different doctors have been involved.
The first time he got pregnant, he had a complicated pregnancy with triplets.
This was a life threatening situation.
When his brother found out that the pregnancy didn’t work he state that “good thing
it didn't work, who knows what kind of a monster it would have been”.
The second pregnancy was successful, the baby is healthy.
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