The pursuit of teen girl purity- nancy gibbs

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29 Mar 2012
The Pursuit of Teen Girl Purity- Nancy Gibbs
Girls range in age from 4 to college
Randy Wilson- co-inventor of the Father-Daughter Purity Ball, calls on the
men to be good and loving listeners, tender, gracious and truthful and prays
that the girls “step into the world with strength and passion, to lead this
A promise that is spiritual, mental and physical
About the fathers who didn’t know what their place was in the lives of their
The idea was to model what the relationship can be as a daughter grows
from a child to an adult
Programs aimed at boys now becoming more popular
Oppressive of a girl’s sexuality?
Majority of kids who take virginity pledges will have sex before marriage but
are less likely that other kids to use contraception, since that would involve
planning ahead for something they promised not to do
o Puts them at risk for sexually transmitted diseases
o Rebuttal: teen pledgers typically do postpone having sex, have fewer
partners, get pregnant less often
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