Resisting violence against women- Shaw and Lee

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies

Resisting Violence against Women Introduction y About 2000 rapes committed daily at the rate of about one every 5 minutes y One out of four women on college campuses experiences sexual violence o About 13 will experience such violence in their lifetime y About 30 of all rape victims under age of 11 y Because these crimes are against a whole group of people whose only connection is that they are female it is appropriate to consider these abuses crimes of hate and misogyny hatred of women y Rape shield laws prevented victims sexual history from being used by defence attorneys y Mandatory arrest procedures in cases of domestic violence and creation of protective or temporary restraining orders helped survivors of domestic violence y Men are also survivors of sexual abuse especially childhood sexual abuse o Given the norms in or society about masculine invulnerability it is often hard for men to talk about such abuse and seek help y Sexual harassment at school on the streets in public places and in the workplace are forms of sexual violence y Because many forms of pornography are legal some object to think about pornography in the context of sexual violence and claim instead that it is a form of entertainment o Pornography eroticizes unequal power relations between women and men and often involves representations of forced sex o Men are the major consumers of pornography and womens bodies tend to be ones on displayKey Points of violence against women y violence against women must be understood in context of socially constructed notions of gender o if boys are raised to hide emotions see sensitivity as a weakness and view sexual potency as would up with interpersonal power and girls are raised to be dependent and support masculine entitlement then interpersonal violence is bound to happen y violence by men must be seen as related to masculine dominance in society generallyo rape spectrum all sexist behaviour are arranged along a continuum from unexamined feelings of superiority over women on one end and rape on the other o all these behaviours are connected at some level y male sexual violence is related to ways violence is eroticized and sexuality is connected to violencey we must understand violence against women in terms of the normalization of violence in societyo we live in a society where violence is used to solve problems regularly Rape y best understood as a crime of aggression rather than sex because the focus is on hurting and domination rather than on sexual desirey defn penetration of any bodily orifice by a penis or object without consento someone who is asleep passed out or incapacitated by alcoholdrugs cant give consent o silence lack of continued resistance does not mean consent
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