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Women and Gender Studies

Imperialism and Motherhood Use of Malthusianism and eugenics by the British government to encourage population growth among the British with the goal of producing more soldiersDavin argues that such policies focused on teaching women to be better mothers in order to increase the population of whites as a race able to colonize the worldPopulation and PowerEmphasis on the value of a healthy and numerous population as a national resourceTended to believe that excessive population was dangerous leading to overuse of resources and thus to war epidemic disease and other natural checks on growthRadical neoMalthusians recommended contraception as an artificial check on population and therefore a preventive of poverty which they attributed to overpopulationEugenics wanted a selective limitation on population growth to prevent the deterioration of the race and decline as an imperial nation through the proliferation of those they regarded as unfit to breedCharles Kingsley overpopulation is impossible o Believed that it was the duty to help increase the English race as much as possible o Urged Ladies Sanitary Association to fight against infant mortalityEnthusiasts for empire tended to see population as crucialo Maintenance of empire would be based upon power of
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