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Women and Gender Studies
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Malthusianism Introduction y Linda Gordon feminist social historical y Malthusianism economic and philosophical basis for eugenicsy Gordon argues that Malthuss ideas about population and poverty came from his biases against poor and reflected his interests in welfare of capitalist class to which he belongedy Development of secular capitalist science of economics helped removed population from area of unavoidable natural events to area that was more open to human manipulation y Industrialism created contradiction between Protestantbourgeois attitudes of sexual prudery and fears of overpopulation y Bourgeoisie threatened by unrest among urban and rural poor whose economic position had been worsened by industrialization o Had a culture that severely repressed sexual activity in order to teach discipline and selfrepression into its work force tho By late 18 century hostile to womens autonomy and imposed limitations on women through ideology that made motherhood dominant among womens roles and linked it to sexo Birth control condemned by secular and religious authorities y Radical democratic and somewhat more egalitarian version of liberalism y Liberal tradition was more pessimistic o Liberals represented the dominant class according to Hobbes o Speculated that inequality
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