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Women and Gender Studies

Race CultureDikotter describes how the concept of race gained power through scientific theory of eugenicsEugenics science concerned with improving the genetic traits of the human raceDikotter argues that population control in the poorer parts of the world today is still based on ideas similar to Nazi ideologyEugenics widely seen to be a morally acceptable and scientifically practical way of improving human heredity Disgust at Nazi practices while restating their belief in a humane and scientific way of genetically improving the human race expressed by liberal intellectuals like Aldous Huxley and Hermann MillerIn China eugenics has become official policy Politicians with mutually mismatched beliefs and scientists with opposed interests could all selectively appropriate eugenics to portray society as an organic body that had to be guided by biological lawsEugenics gave scientific authority to social fears and moral panics lent respectability to racial doctrines and provided legitimacy to sterilization acts and immigration lawsAllowed modernizing elites to represent their narrow claims about social order as objective statements irrevocably grounded in the laws of nature
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