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Women and Gender Studies

New Technologies of Race IntroductionNew techniques of morphing and other computergenerated visuals of racial mixing draw upon ideologies of eugenics and biologically based notions of race and gender to imagine the futureNo scientific justification for race discrimination according to United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO o Four premises mental capacities of all races are similar no evidence for biological deterioration as a result of hybridization existed no correlation between national or religious groups and any races race was less a biological fact than a social myth o UNESCO document reflected desire of some scientists to redress excess of Nazism where biological notions of racial difference and racial inferiority had been used to justify extermination of Jews and homosexuals rather than offering a balanced account of the contemporary scientific debates over role of environment heredity and culture in the observed differences between the racesDivision of human species into biological races was no longer viable as a research topic Biological study of human diversity is now permeated with language of genetics and evolutionRace lost its reality and naturalnessHammonds argues that the notion of race as both a social and a scientific concept is still deep
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