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Women and Gender Studies
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Domestica Pierrete HondagneuSoteloDomestic employees wish to establish firm boundaries around their work hours which employers desire to remain more elasticEmployer flexibility clearly depends on roundtheclock domestic serviceEmployers schedules and needs mandate the services provided by livein domestic labour Nannies believe that many of their employers are bad parents dont provide child attention care sense of attachment bad parenting compare to black mothers badmothers bad parents bad employersParents feel exhausted when they come home from work and theywant their moneys worthVarious means of surveillance for nanniesoFew nannies complained about this but most agree that taking care of children is a huge responsibility and the parents have a right to check on how their kids are taken care of Enforced isolation as a means of controlling livein domestic workersRaises in work duties without raises in pay because most households no longer have several servants handling different jobs the one employee tends to be given all available tasks and when the employees learn to manage their time efficiently that they create some free time employers think they have the right to add more responsibilitiesRacial inequality increases likelihood that employers will require the same employee both to care for children and taken care of housekeeping dutiesClass but more often race nationality and immigration status influence negotiations to redefine the job more readily enabling employees with relative privilege in one or more of theses areas to circumscribe their job tasksNannies develop very strong ties of affection with th
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