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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 notes

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Chapter 1: frameworks
Myths: a story, usually invoking the supernatural, to account for some aspect of the world
Science: the method of inquiry that attempts to explain phenomena through observation and the
development and testing of hypothesis.
The yanomamo
Hunt and farm in the jungles of the Orinoco River.
In the beginning they say, the cosmos was made of four layers.
The first layer once has a function, but now it is empty.
The undersurface of the second layer is the visible sky
The layer is the earth, a huge jungle dotted with countless Yanomamo villages
The fourth layer contains a single village inhabited by spirit people who sometimes travel up to
earth to capture and eat the souls of children and so must be constantly guarded against
The ancient Hebrews
An all powerful being who brought order to a chaotic world of water. Over 6 days he created, in
succession, light; heaven; the earth with its dry land, oceans, and plants; the sun, mood, and stars;
aquatic animals, flying creatures, and land animals; and finally, in his own image, man and woman
The second version story
The Maya
Indigenous to central America
Beginning more than 2000 years ago, they developed a complex civilization with magnificent
pyramids, a sophisticated calendar, and far reaching trade networks.
The maya also developed a writing system, and it is from one of their few remaining books, the Popol
Vuh, that we can learn about their creation story.
Before creation, there were no people, animals, fish, crabs, trees, or stones. There was only the calm
The creators Kucumatz and Tepew, first made the earth, with its mountains, plains, and rivers, and
then made animals
The creator assigned each animal its own place to live in the newly created world
Creation myths: a myth that explains the origin of the world and its inhabitants
A cretion story reflects the environment, history, and cultural system of the society that tells it
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